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A webinar panel featuring MacMillan Center and Yale Law School faculty and affiliates on “Democracy & Rise of Authoritarianism in COVID-19 World.” This webinar will aim to shine a light on the anti-democratic processes that are happening in some countries at the present due to the Covid-19 virus. Some national leaders, presidents and prime ministers, use this extremely difficult time to ground their authoritarian regimes and take power away from democratic institutions. Simultaneously, and inevitably, they, also make dictatorial decisions that endanger the people–examples include Hungary, China, Asia, Iran, Latin America, North Africa, and Brazil. The talk was moderated by David Cameron, Professor of Political Science & Director of EU Studies Program Panelists: Ana De La O, Associate Professor of Political Science Tais Gasparian, Associate Research Scholar at Yale Law School Vish Sakthivel, Postdoctoral Associate, Council on Middle East Studies Nahid Siamdoust, Postdoctoral Associate in the Yale Program in Iranian Studies Aniko Szucs, Postdoctoral Associate and Lecturer of the Program on Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies Taisu Zhang, Professor of Law, Yale Law School

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